Assemble a selection of different map layers like backgrounds, satellite imagery, terrain, roads or labels! Tweak Photoshop-like controls like colors, masks, opacity and brightness to make a map your own! Share your map with a link or Pinterest or Tumblr!


  1. Assemble up to 5 layers
  2. Tweak each layer
  3. Find your town
  4. BOOM! <image> DONE!
“I tested out the proposition that one could make a map ‘with purple satellite buildings and orange roads’ in five minutes. [It] took me three.”
“Map Stack is about putting your creativity on the map, making it radically simpler to design your own map styles, without having to know any code, sign up for anything, install any software, or do any typing.”
“The tool really lets you focus on getting the visual qualities you want out of a map, instead of struggling with all the tedious details of creation.”
“It seems like the technical side of map-making, the part that requires code or complicated software installations, fades a little more every day.”